Resisting Militarization in Jeju and Northeast Asia

By World BEYOND War, October 24, 2021

St. Francis Peace Center Foundation, located in Gangjeong Village on Jeju Island, South Korea, hosted an English-language online course titled “Resisting Militarization in Jeju and Northeast Asia” from Apr. 9/10 to May 28/29.

Kaia Vereide, an international peace activist supported by the Center, facilitated the 7 weekly sessions. Each week, a speaker gave a 40 minute presentation about resistance to militarization in their region, and 25 participants with diverse backgrounds and ages joined in small group discussions and full group Q&A times. Three of the speakers gave permission to share publicly their presentations:

1) “Recent militarization and resistance in Jeju” -Sunghee Choi, Gangjeong International Team, April 23/24

2) “Resisting colonialism, dictatorship, and military bases in the Philippines” -Corazon Valdez Fabros, International Peace Bureau, Asia Europe People’s Forum, May 7/8

3) “How to Hide Empire in the 21st Century -Koohan Paik, Just Transition Hawaii Coalition, May 28/29

To learn more about the Gangjeong struggle against the Jeju Navy Base, see

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