Media Whitewashes Liar Colin Powell, Africa’s Last Formal Colony, Facebook Targets Internet Speech

By Sputnik Radio, October 20, 2021


In this episode of By Any Means Necessary, hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by David Swanson, activist, journalist, radio host, Executive Director of World BEYOND War and author of the new book “Leaving World War II Behind” to discuss the legacy and whitewashing of the record of war criminal Colin Powell, Powell’s lies that led the US into war with Iraq, the propaganda accomplishment that must precede war and that did precede the war against Iraq, and the ruling class unity in support of war.

In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Mahjoub Maliha, head of external relations for CODESA, the Collective of Saharawi Human Rights Defenders in Western Sahara to discuss the history and current reality of the struggle for independence in Western Sahara, the repression of human rights defenders and organizers by the Kingdom of Morocco, and the interests Morocco has in maintaining its colonial domination over Western Sahara.

In the third segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by technologist Chris Garaffa, the editor of to discuss a bill that threatens to gut Section 230, which protects speech on the internet, the politics of algorithms, Bitcoin mining causing electricity rates to rise and other environmental impacts of cryptocurrency, and the absurd call for prosecution of journalists who found a security flaw in the website of the Missouri Department of Education.

Later in the show, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Ted Rall, award-winning editorial cartoonist and columnist, and author of the graphic novel, “The Stringer,” to discuss the life, death, lies, and crimes of Colin Powell and the media’s role in propagating his lies and promoting war, the use of propaganda to brainwash people in the US and whitewash its imperialist crimes, and the infantilization in American culture.

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