Invitation to IPB Event in Germany

In exactly 6 months from now we will open the IPB’s World Congress ‘Disarm! for a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda’ – at the Technical University in Berlin. We hope you will join us!

This is an important gathering for several reasons:
1. Despite the best efforts of many creative and committed people, the world is going in the wrong direction. We are seeing violent conflicts, growing tensions between big powers, new generations of weaponry, and vast sums of money spent on the wrong things….especially the military.
2. To challenge these developments, we need a strong, dynamic civil society. We can do a lot through electronic connections but we all know that actually meeting face to face is special. In fact this congress will offer both.
3. It will be a chance to hear from specialists and activists, Nobel laureates and labour movement leaders, famous names and upcoming stars…and contribute your own ideas too.
4. It will be a showcase for new projects, cultural programmes, creative ideas of all kinds.
5. We will have a special Youth Program and space for all types of side events.
6. You can also join us at Prepcomms around the world in the coming months.
7. Meet the German peace movement! one of the most active in the whole world.
8. Berlin is an amazing and exciting city! (and not as expensive as many others).  Stay an extra day, if you can…

Read more about the Congress at:
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Registration is already open!

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