Amy Lynn Marshall Lambrecht

Amy Lynn Marshall Lambrecht is a former World BEYOND War Development Director. She has over twenty-five years of experience as a senior nonprofit executive, successfully leading and generating revenues for a number of policy institutions. She has a proven record of building and maintaining multi-million-dollar programs through fearless fundraising, innovative and creative thinking, relationship building and management, deep research, and strategic and organizational planning. She is best known for her institutional leadership, stewardship of internal and external relationships, fundraising, events, external communications, and organizational development in the areas of independent media, economic opportunity, civil rights, and racial justice.

Amy was most recently Publisher of The American Prospect, a progressive multi-platform media institution covering politics and public policy, with a focus on economic opportunity, race, and social justice. Previously, she held senior positions at the Scholars Strategy Network, Advancement Project, the Washington Monthly, Campaign for America’s Future, the George Mason University, the Frederick B. Abramson Memorial Foundation, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, and the Economic Policy Institute, as well as consulting positions.

Amy holds a BA in French from the Johns Hopkins University and also attended the American University in Paris and Gallaudet University.

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