Activists Block Rail Line Near General Dynamics Over Arms Sales

By Bryan Bicknell, CTV News, March 26, 2021

LONDON, ONT. — A small group of activists blocked a rail line in east London Friday, demanding the federal government cancel a contract to provide military vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

About 15 people from various anti-war groups demonstrated on the railroad tracks at Clarke Road and Oxford Street East in London, just west of the General Dynamics Land Systems plant, which manufactures light armoured vehicles (LAVs).

The protest was meant to stop any shipments of military vehicles bound for the middle eastern kingdom. No trains came through during the protest.

“Canada is a major player in continuing the devastating war on Yemen,” said Rachel Small, spokesperson for the group World BEYOND War.

She added that the protestors are calling on the federal government to end all arms exports to Saudi Arabia.

“We’re sending billions of dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia to use in this Saudi-led war. It’s been completely devastating. I know for me I cannot stand by knowing that tanks are rolling on the rail right by me on their way to Saudi Arabia.”

Thursday marked the sixth anniversary of the civil war in Yemen.

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